Farmer's hand


Mustiala, Agriculture

​​Graduates from Mustiala are professionals of agriculture who master arable farming, livestock management and machinery maintenance and repairs.

A Further Qualification for Apiarists can also be taken in Mustiala.

Mustiala was the first agricultural college in Finland. The long traditions of agricultural training guarantee high-quality and expert teaching.

The teaching farm of Mustiala offers an ideal setting for hands-on learning. The farm size is about 1,100 hectares, of which some 180 hectares consist of arable land.

The farm produces the most common cereal types, grasses, oil plants and sugar beet. The dairy herd comprises some 60 heads, including specimens of all indigenous breeds.  The machinery stock on the farm is kept continuously up to date, and a new shed for the dairy cattle is currently being planned.

Mustiala gives the students a thorough introduction to the latest technologies in the sector.  They also familiarise themselves with various production methods during their on-the-job learning periods.

Thanks to its historical setting, Mustiala has become a popular tourist attraction and venue for various events.  Mustiala also operates a small-scale brewery and a beer house.