Milk works


Hämeenlinna, Dairy production

​Häme Vocational Institute is the only educational institution in Finland where the students can obtain a Vocational Qualification in Dairy Production.

This qualification also imparts them a capacity for working in other food sector companies.

Hands-on work plays a major role in the education. During the three-year programme, the students spend roughly one year in on-the-job learning in dairy sector companies.  Prior to this they will have practised their skills in the institute’s own dairy.

In the teaching dairy, the students make such products as cheeses, butter, ice cream and yoghurt. The students work in small groups, giving each one a chance to take part and test the knowledge and skills they have learnt in practice.

In the microbiology and chemistry lab, the students take various samples of the ingredients and the finished products and interpret the results.

In the Study Programme in Dairy Production, the students can also obtain a Further Qualification in the Dairy Industry or in Milk Processing.​