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Hämeenlinna, Driving instructor education

​The Driving Instructor Education Centre of the Häme Vocational Institute is the oldest institute in Finland educating driving instructors.

In addition to driving instructor education, a key task of the Centre is improving road safety in general by influencing driver attitudes and driving techniques.

The Specialist Qualification for Driving Instructors imparts the student a capacity for working in a driving school as a driving instructor for cars. The optional modules of the qualification develop the students’ ability to work in the roles of driving test examiners or instructors for drivers of mopeds, motorbikes or heavier vehicle classes.

The Driving Instructor Education Centre takes an active part in international cooperation aiming to improve driving instructor training and road safety.

The Driving Instructor Education Centre  has led and participated in a number of international projects in the sector, including the ProCadrin project on Leonardo da Vinci funding and Norplus Higher Education projects together with Nordic partners. ProCadrin, a project aiming for better road safety, developed a Wiki database of teaching methods for lifelong road safety (

The Centre was also a key actor in the Instructor For Driving project implemented under the Leonardo da Vinci programme. This project was in the top ten out of more than 1,400 Leonardo da Vinci projects and received the international HELSINKI AWARD.​​