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Evo, Forestry

​​Evo provides upper secondary vocational education for foresters, forest services providers and forest-based energy producers.

Students in Evo can also complete a Specialist Qualification in Forestry, a programme intended as continuing education for professionals in the field.

Evo is the epicentre of Finnish forestry expertise and education and the birthplace of training in this field in Finland.

The traditions of the institute together with its modern facilities and tools ensure a high standard of education. The versatile research and testing activities conducted in the area play a significant role for education in this field.

The largest continuous forest area in Southern Finland is located in Evo, and 2,000 hectares of this woodland are used for teaching purposes.

The teaching and research forest is where the students complete various practical assignments.

More practical experience can be gained through Evo Forestry Cooperative, an actual company owned by the students.

Through the cooperative, students can engage in real-life forestry operations while still studying and be paid a wage for their work. The students participate in the activities of the Cooperative on a voluntary basis.