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Lepaa, Horticulture and landscaping

​Lepaa is a horticultural sector educational institution of national importance that has been turning out prestigious professionals for the last hundred years.

The Study Programme in Horticulture focuses on greenhouse and open air cultivation. Landscape industries students familiarise themselves with the planting and care of beds and green areas. The students can include stone work, organic production, maintenance of green areas etc. in their studies. While working with the institute’s wide collection of plants, the students will develop a thorough knowledge of plants and their growing conditions.

Lepaa has some 20 hectares of managed parkland and green areas.  The orchard produces a crop of about 10 tons of fruit, and the greenhouse yields around 80 tons of tomatoes a year. The orchard boasts up to 80 varieties of apple trees, of which around 20 are cultivated commercially. Lepaa also educates professionals of wine production.

The institute’s winery manufactures some twenty different fruit wines, ciders and liquors for sale.

For students working for a Further or a Specialist Qualification in Golf Course Maintenance, the institute offers a 9-hole golf course, which is also used in research of this field. In the summer, the course is popular with golfers. The students in Lepaa can also complete a Further Qualification in Rural Tourism.

The annual horticultural exhibition in Lepaa is one of the oldest trade shows of its kind in Europe.​​