Lepaa activities

Activities for Groups in Lepaa Winery

Lepaa offers various experiences and programs for groups in historical milieu in different themes: country wines, garden, history or golf.

​Wine Tasting

berry wine tasting in Lepaa- cider tasting
In wine tasting you will learn about Finnish berry and fruit wines, how they are made, and tasted and enjoyed. Basic tasting includes two wines and one liquor.

Duration: 30 min - 1hour 
Group size: 5-30
Price: 12 € per person

Visit to the Production and Wine Cellars

Lepaa country winery - berry wine production- bottling- methode claissique- production of craft wines - craft ciders

During the visit to the production area you will hear and see how the berry and fruit wines are produced. In the cellar we will go shortly through the process of how sparkling wines are made using the traditional champagne method. Also the dramatic story of Lepaan Anna is told.  

Duration: 30-45 min
Group size: 5-30
Price: 6€ per person

Visit to the Orchards

Lepaa orchards - apple trees- cherry trees- pear trees- quicnhe- black currant- white currant

The orchards of about 20 hectares in size are situated in the middle of the beautiful garden area of Lepaa.  There are over 200 different varieties of apples in Lepaa garden and produce over 10 000 kg of apples. There are also cherry and pear trees.  After the orchards you will also see the quince, raspberry and currant fields.

The last stop during the visit is at Anna's cellar and you will hear the sad and dramatic story of Lepaan Anna.

Duration: 30-45 min
Group size: 5-30 persons
Price: 6 € per person

Gastro Tour

Gastro Tour- wine and food  - walking tour

The main theme in the gastro tour is eating and drinking. This walk takes you from the Lepaa stream through the gardens all the way to the country winery. During the walk you will get to taste local delicacies and hear the stories of the colorful past of Lepaa.  

Duration: 2 hours
Group size: 5-20 persons
Price: 50 € per person 

History Tour

Lepaa History - Anna Ghost- Windmill-

During the one hour walking tour, the guide will take you through the history of Lepaa and you will  visit the windmill, old cemetery, rockery garden and Anna’s cellar

Duration: one hour
Group size: 5-30 persons
Price: 130€ per group

Garden Tour

Garden tour - Lepaa Garden- Smart Park -

During the one hour walking tour through the Lepaa’s gardens and orchards, guide will tell you about the plants as well as the history of Lepaa. You will also visit Anna’s cellar and hear her dramatic love story.

Duration: one hour
Group size: 5-30 persons
Price: 130€ per group

Lepaa Garden Museum

Entrance to the Garden Museum is from the Café.

Lepaa Pottery

Lepaa pottery is located in the same premises with the winery. It is an nice place to visit and shop locally made pottery or you can have a short course on how to make pottery. More info and bookings: