Lepaa winery, garden and golf
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Lepaa is  a place to visit if you like Finnish wines, golf, history or gardening. Or if you just like to spend a day out in in the countryside within a one hour driving from Helsinki, Tampere or Lahti.

Lepaa - Wine & Golf & Garden

Lepaa is a popular day tour destination. You can visit the country winery and see how Finnish berry and fruit wines are made or you can have a winetasting and /or you can visit the orchards. Lepaa Golf is a public golf course.

​Historical Lepaa - Ghost and Noble Families

 Historiallinen Lepaa.jpg

Lepaa, located in the heart of Häme in Vanajavesi valley, is known for its unique microclimate and grounds which are especially good for farming.

Lepaa has been an important meeting place already in the pagan times and from the Middle Ages it has been an important noble manor. The manor has been a home for various noble families until the end of the 19th century. The last landlord, Carl Packalen, made a will and donated his estate to the state. According to his will, a horticultural school is run since 1910 in Lepaa with the degree programs of horticultural production and landscape design and construction.

Lepaa Country Winery - Wine from Local Fruit and Berries

Lepaa winery is located in barn from 1936   

Lepaa has long traditions on making wine. Church wines were produced at the beginning of the 20th century and as education in the gardening school started making of berry and fruit wines was an essential part of the studies.

The production of the country winery is located in an old barn built in 1934. In the early 90´s facilities were fully renovated for wine production.

Since 1995 Lepaa country winery has been a leading fruit and berry wine research, development and education center in Finland. Around 20 000 litres of country wines, liquors and ciders are produced on yearly bases. Country wine studies are organized in a real commercial environment.

Lepaa country winery is open for visitors year round.

Smart Park Garden -Gardens of Lepaa Manor

Smart Park - Lepaa Gardens
The 20 hectares’ large grounds and gardens of Lepaa manor are open for public and an interesting piknik and day trip destination near Hämeenlinna. There are numerous plants and hundreds of plant species in the garden and most of them are even marked with nameplates.

Guided one hour garden or history -themed tours are available by appointment. For tours pls contact our sales.

If you wish to visit the garden by your own, there is a special mobile Smart Park application available which you can use for listening interesting stories of Lepaa’s past. Garden has also achieved an internationally known Green Flag.

More info about Smart Park: https://sites.google.com/a/hamk.fi/lepaanalypuisto/

Lepaa Golf


Lepaa Golf is a public 9-hole golf course open for players who have Green Card.

Enquieries: tel. +358 3 646 5277, lepaa.caddiemaster(at)hamk.fi

Lepaa for Groups

Day programs for groups near Helsinki- activieis outside Helsinki

For groups we can offer tailor made packages with wine tastings, visits to production or orchards and history and garden tours.

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