GMP for Small Scale Dairy Product Producers​

​​​Good Manufacturing Practices​

Se​lf control

Principles of self control

What's HACCP?

How to do the documentation?

When can you bend from the requirements of HACCP?

The supprting system for HACCP

Keeping up the self control and its evaluation

The requirements of self control on different levels

Requirements for primary production

Requirements for the rooms where food stuff is prepared

The content of food safety control system for rooms or plants where food stuff is prepared


Evaluation in OIVA-system

What are the changes going to be

More information about OIVA

An example for self control system


HACCP and good national manufacturing procedure

Hazards in processing milk

Microbiological hazards

Chemical hazards

Physical hazards

Annual samples taken from milk in rooms and plants where food stuff is prepared: listeria, salmonella and PC

The health and training of the staff

​Requirements for the rooms and equipments

Primary production

Rooms where food stuff is prepared

Acepted room where food stuff is prepared i.e. plant

Hint for the rooms and structures in production environment

Example layouts of small scale production rooms 


Prevention of harm animals

Raw milk and its validity for processing

Treatments of bystreams

Milk and milk based products

Transportation and treatment of bystreams

Requirements for treatments

Pay attention to

Treatment of other ingredients and food additives

​Food additives, ingredients, flavours and colours

Food additives - what are they?

Colours - what are they

Food flavours - what are they?

Good procedure pactise in handling of food additives

Additives for sour milk products

Additives for butter

Additives for ice cream

Additives for fresh cheeses

Additives for matured cheeses


​Packaging of products and packaging labels

Markings in packaging labels

Traceability of food

How to act in deviant circumstances

​Storage of products

Storage of hand made products, HACCP and good national procedure practice

Storage of milk products

Cold chain

Preservation temperatures of food

Self control system model for temperature control

Transportation of products

Transportation of hand made products, HACCP and good national procedure practice

Bookkeeping concerning transportation

Transportation temperatures

​Sale of products on the farm

​Washing and cleaning

HACCP and good national procedure practice

Hygiene zones

Methods, tools, chemicals

Scheme of washing and cleaning process

Inspection the result of cleaning

Cleaning program and control program of clenliness

Heat treatment of milk

Preparation of starter culture and its usage

Fabrication of soured milk product matured in the package

Fabrication of yoghurt

Fabrication of butter

Fabrication of ice cream

Fabrication of fresh cheese

Fabrication of semihard cheese

Fabrication of hard cheese

Fabrication of cheddar type of cheese

Collection center of forms


Guide of organic milk and products​

Fabricatioin controlled by EU-legislation

Additives are from the nature

Allowed and forbidden technology in fabrication of organic products

Characteristics in fabrication of organic products

Cleaning procedures and prevention of pests

Genetic modification

Forbiddance of irradiation - ionizing radiation is forbidden 


Usage of food additives and other organic ingredients

Markings in packaging labels - indication to organic origin

Transportation and cover documents for organic products

Self control system in fabrication of organic products

Description of subcontraction

Legislation concerning fabrication product from organic milk

Model of organic production plan

Environmental Guide​​​

Target for the Environmental Guide

What is environmental thinking - Envinmentally friendly production

Consumers point of view

Observing the environmental is increasing the costs - or are they?

When an accident happens?

Ones waste - others raw material

Waste treatment in food production

What is waste

Types of waste

Order of priority

Responsibilities of the manufacturer, marketer, seller and distributor of the product,

Waste handling in food production

Organising the waste disposal

Environmental permit

Need for a permission?

To apply the permission

Treatment of waste water

Treatment systems for waste water

Milk traces in water

Exceptions of waste water treatment requirements

Leading waste water to others property